Our maintenance agreement was specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance for the mechanical operations of your system(s).

Gochnauer Air Conditioning & Heating will provide two (2) scheduled maintenances for the heating and air conditioning system(s) at the service location indicated on this agreement. Maintenance will be performed during a twelve (12) month period. We will make every effort to schedule maintenance as per customer’s request.

The benefits provided under our maintenance agreement include:

  • Preferential treatment in scheduling service calls.
  • Preferential contract billing.
  • Preferential service billing rate.
  • Hassle free scheduling as we contact you at maintenance due dates.

The services provided under our maintenance agreement include:

Inspection and Maintenance of the following items:

  • Compressor condition
  • Check operative temperatures
  • Electrical connections
  • Check operative pressures
  • Clean Condenser coil(s)
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Refrigerant Levels
  • Air Distribution system
  • Check Blower Components
  • Check Safety controls
  • Amperage Draw
  • Removal of debris as necessary
  • Clean Evaporator coil(s)
  • Check and test optimum performance
  • Condensate pans/drains

As part of the agreement, we will report the conditions of the heating and air conditioning system(s) as found at the time of each maintenance by providing a Copy of the maintenance work order and later the corresponding invoice for work completed. No repairs will be made without the request and approval of the owner.